Fedora MediaWriter (nextgen) on MacOS

Hi, for the past few months I have been working on MacOS build and fixing USB drive restoration on Windows as well as fixing few design bugs. I fixed overflowing highlighted option background in combobox used in Adwaita style on Linux. Next design fix was updating animations when changing pages. Now when we build the new FMW on all platforms, I can say I like MacOS and Linux versions a lot more than Windows version. I don’t like design of buttons. What about your opinion?


On Windows I have fixed the problem with USB drive restoration. This was present for a long period of time. Problem was caused by corruption of the partition table after the ISO file was written onto a USB drive and utility diskpart was not able to work with this drive anymore. This was quite tricky to figure out, but after all the fix was quite easy. I had to recreate new partition table using command “convert gpt” which creates new partition table on USB drive. For backwards compatibility with older systems and USB drives I had to run command “convert mbr”. After that utility diskpart now can restore the USB drive to original state.


Making build for MacOS was quite tricky, because I don’t have any Apple device at home. So I had to use virtual machine (app sosumi available as snap) to try my changes I made to FMW. Even with this app I could not connect USB drive to properly try out full functionality of this new version. Thanks to my mentor and leader of my bachelor’s thesis Jan Grulich (his blog and twitter) for all the testing.

While updating CI manifest I had to make some tweaks to build.sh file, such as adjusting paths of few modules and libraries missed by macdeployqt or libraries that has to be copied manually.

For those of you who don’t know what is macdeployqt… Its “The Mac deployment tool can be found in QTDIR/bin/macdeployqt. It is designed to automate the process of creating a deployable application bundle that contains the Qt libraries as private frameworks” definition of macdeployqt from Qt docs.

All available builds you can download from releases on GitHub, if there are any problems  with the application, let me know either here or create bug in issues on GitHub.

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