Updates on the new generation of Fedora MediaWriter

In the past few months I have been developing new generation of Fedora New generation of FMW with a new UI written in Qt6 which will use native QtQuick styles for Windows and MacOS. At this point I have a fully functional application with all the features from the current version.

The application can be now build for Windows and Linux. Linux builds are also available as Flatpak for testing pourpose. Bare in mind this is still not the final version and there still might be some issues.

To develop new generation of FMW I had to learn, rework or update many things. To develop a new generation of FMW I had to learn, rework or update many things. A lot of them I saw for the first time like a complex project, QML, CMake, Qt… First of all I’ve started removing deprecated code that is no longer supported in Qt6 and made sure FMW can be built. After that I could start working on QML. I’ve started making pages and gradually adding basic functionality step by step.


For testing I’ve learned what is Flatpak and how Flatpak works. I’ve also learned how to create Flatpak using manifest file, this file was also needed to be updated. Thanks to GitHub CI we have available a test build made after every commit.


To develop Windows build I had to update the current script to support Qt6. That means updating qmake to cmake and removing all deprecated things. Also remove Adwaita theme, which is no longer used in FMW build on Windows. I also needed to copy all dependencies to create an installer for Windows.

Testing was pretty difficult for me, because I’m making the Windows builds on Linux and debugging was possible only in QtCreator on Windows. I had to boot multiple times from Linux to Windows and the other way around.

Windows version still needs some adjustment and fixes, such as restoring USB drive. For that reason we have available only the Linux version for testing, which has full functionality. I would be happy if you give me any feedback either here, or on github in the issues mentioning you use the nextgen version. You can get the development version here in the releases section.

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