New generation of Fedora MediaWriter

Welcome on my blog page, my name is Evžen Gasta. I live In Czech Republic and I’m studying FIT VUT in Brno.

I would like to share my news and updates about my development of new generation of Fedora MediaWriter (shortly FMW) as my Bachelor’s thesis.

Current version of FMW is running on Qt5, because this version qml doesn’t support native look on Mac and Windows, FMW looks on all platforms the same. At the beginning of the year 2021 was released new major version Qt. This version comes with many usefull news, such as support CMake as default build system, support of new version C++17 and support of native styles in qml…

As result new generation of FMW will run on Qt6 and will come with Adwaita theme only for Linux. Mac and Windows will be used native styles of Controls. Probably also fix some current issues after returning back full functionality later.

I have started development already and at the time of writing, FMW has prototype look and is able to restore drive with live Fedora. Also can write selected .iso file to drive and download file, on the other hand you can’t see progress of writing or download for now. After new year should be available preview version on Linux.

In college, we usually don’t develop such a complex aplications and if we do so, it is from scratch. So, when I started this project, it was quite confusing to orient in. But now I’m quite enjoying development of qml, it is fast and easy to learn and doesn’t need to be compiled, like C, or Java… On the other hand integrating with C++ especially understanding, which function is usefull can be sometimes more time consuming, than I would like.

The final version, with full functionality should be finished by May. If the development goes well, I’ll try update drive restoring on Windows. Because FMW is currently used mostly on Windows.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

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